Personal Planning

Cash Flow Management

Did you know you could increase your wealth within your current cash flow? All you need to do is a simple reevaluation!

It’s a matter of planning and preparation. The Pension Planning Centre will carefully manage and optimize your cash flow. We’ll ensure a healthy ratio between individual or family income and your expenses respectively. With the appropriate balance – your ability to save and invest will be all the more viable, taking you one step closer to your highly coveted retirement.

Life Protection

Wouldn’t it be nice to benefit from life insurance while you’re still alive?

1. Term

Term life insurance is affordable coverage that gives you flexible protection. Get covered for a specific period of time by setting fixed payments. Term insurance ensures both long-term and short-term protection. Whether you need help covering your mortgage or a business loan, term insurance can give you the security you need. Most policies have the option to convert your coverage to permanent regardless of any change in health.

Upon death, your beneficiaries will receive a tax-free payment, allowing them to fulfill any obligations which may arise such as burial expenses, eliminating outstanding debt and safeguarding a mortgage.

2. Whole Life

Whole life insurance provides you with lifetime coverage, with a guaranteed pay out. It is the most reliable and consistent insurance out there. This type of insurance will not only ensure that your loved ones will be protected, but also guarantee that your premiums and annual costs will remain stable with a savings component attached to it. You will be able to benefit in the present by watching your cash value grow over time. The accumulated cash reserve “Cash Values” can be used as savings, it can be put towards paying your premiums or re-invested – at your discretion.

3. Universal Life

Universal life insurance is not only flexible, but permanent, so you can guarantee protection while building your savings. As with whole life insurance, you’ll have an ensured pay out for your beneficiaries to cover any obligations, while enhancing your estate for your children and grandchildren to ensure that they’re always protected. The tax preferred savings growth, built in, provides you with a variety of investment options. If your payments exceed the cost of your policy, you can start to grow your savings or you can simply increase your death benefit.

Living Benefits

The statistics show: 46% of men will develop cancer, 2 in 5 Canadians are carrying 3 or more risk factors for developing heart disease, and every 10 minutes, an individual suffers from a stroke. What are you doing to protect yourself?

1. Critical Illness

Life isn’t predictable, but the chances of surviving any of these illnesses are quite high due to medical advancements. It is the financial situation that you are left in, that will have a huge impact on you and your family. Investing in this insurance allows you to safeguard your income should you fall ill. Payment may be used for whichever expenses you choose, unlike the reimbursement with health insurance. Critical illness insurance will alleviate your stressors by ensuring compensation for bills or any other financial obligations – allowing your family to focus on recovery and getting you back on your feet.

2. Health Insurance

Don’t let your health affect your savings. Why not be prepared? While provincial health plans provide coverage for many expenses, some are left out. Health insurance will ensure that your bank account is left burden-free from medical bills or preventive care. Do you have health benefits through your employer? Leaving or retiring shortly? There are options for you at any stage.

3. Long-term Care

You’ll never know when performing daily tasks and activities start becoming more difficult. It’s been estimated that over 60% of Canadians over the age of 65 require long-term care services, but these services are not usually covered under a general health insurance policy. By investing in long-term care insurance, you’ll be investing in your future so you can get the services you need.

Make sure that you’re covered for whatever you may need, whether it’s rehabilitation, therapy, personal care assistance for daily living, a caregiver or if you need to relocate to a nursing home.

4. Disability

Whether it’s a result of an injury, an accident or an illness, disability insurance guarantees that a portion of your income will be covered if you’re unable to work.

With this insurance, you can continue to cover your monthly expenses, living expenses or medical expenses without having to dip into your savings. This will alleviate any issues regarding your financial security – allowing for a stress-free recovery.

Investments / Retirement

Are you afraid of outliving your money?

1. Retirement Planning

Reinvent your retirement. Whether you’re years away from retiring or if it’s just around the corner, retirement is a new phase in your life. Most people dream of the day they no longer have to work, but unfortunately many people don’t know exactly how much they need to live comfortably. How do you ensure there are enough funds to live the life you deserve? With so many options, which ones are right for you?


A Registered Retirement Savings Plan is a powerful tool that can help you save for your future, while benefiting in the present. This savings account helps you prepare for your retirement and provides you with special tax advantages. With an RRSP account you can safely secure your money in a variety of guaranteed investments and you don’t have to claim taxes on your investment growth until you’re ready to take the money out. Not only are your taxes deferred, but your contributions are also tax deductible so you can now save on your taxes or even get a refund.

Your RRSP can help you finance your first home, or if you choose to go back to school. Talk to us about your options.



With a Tax-Free Savings Account, you can contribute a maximum per year; the amount for 2017 was $5,500. Any unused space will be carried over to the future. Although your earnings won’t be tax deductible, any investment growth you earn will not be taxed. Additionally, unlike an RRSP, any withdrawal you make will not be taxed. Investing your income in a TFSA account allows your savings to grow so you can save for a rainy day or increase your retirement savings.

4. Cash Flow Optimizer

It’s like a savings account on steroids, interested in a little boost? The cash flow optimizer is a retirement tool which understands that sometimes retirement savings alone is not quite enough to make your retirement dreams a reality. Plan ahead and supplement your retirement income. Let us help you plan for your retirement and ensure you are on the right track.

5. Annuities

Annuities allow you to receive guaranteed income for a selected period of time or over the course of your life. Income for LIFE! This is a form of investment that entitles you to regular payments so you’ll never have to worry about how long it will last. This protects you from the risk of outliving your money. Your income will be protected from interest risk and market fluctuation. Let us help you choose the right type of annuity so you can continue to live the life you desire in your retirement years.

6. IPP

An individual Pension Plan is a made to measure plan designed for one member only. It can be for company owners, executives, as well as self-employed individuals whose average income is generally over $100,000. The IPP offers many benefits for the member and the employer (which is usually the same person). This allows for a greater accumulations of assets, increases in retirement pension, assets will grow tax-free and exemption from seizure of creditors and significant tax savings.

Kids' Corner

Dreaming of the perfect plan for their prosperous future?


A Registered Education Savings Plan is a great way to start saving for your children’s post-secondary education. Money can be contributed at any time for up to a total of $50,000 per child. While these contributions are not tax deductible, any income that is generated from this investment will not be taxed until the money is withdrawn. In addition, your child will benefit from the Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG) where the government will match 20% of what you put in and up to $500 per year, as of 2017.

2. Living Benefits

Life Insurance

Life insurance for your child could prove to be a powerful investment and savings tool. But mainly, it’s a GIFT that you would be giving your child. Having the right policy would allow you to save for your child’s future at a minimal cost. You could save for their education or for a down payment on a house. Paid up policies for a predetermined time can guarantee their protection for life with no premiums to pay. It also guarantees the insurability of your child – giving them more purchasing power as an adult, regardless of any past medical conditions.

In the case of a tragic event, having a life insurance policy for your child will provide you with a payout for funeral expenses, medical bills, counselling and extra income if the parents are unable to work.

Cash Flow Optimizer

A savings vehicle that allows you to provide a GIFT to your child. The benefits are countless.


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