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Do You Really Need Life Insurance?

Some people don’t have life insurance because they feel the cost is too expensive, they aren’t sure if they need it, or because they have no idea how to go about purchasing a life insurance policy. Which category do you fall under? If you’re not quite sure whether life insurance is the right financial strategy […]

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How To Buy The Right Life Insurance

Very often people hear they need life insurance, but they just don’t know why.  Clients often shy away from buying life insurance to protect their assets and their loved ones because they feel the monthly premiums aren’t affordable.  In fact the exact opposite is true. The question to ask yourself when buying life insurance isn’t […]

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12 Key Documents You Need To Gather – SUNLIFE

By Brenda Spiering Can you imagine what would happen if you died and your beneficiaries didn’t know where to find your will? Or your money? It happens all the time according to Jim Yih, author of the personal finance blog, retirehappy.ca: “When someone dies, there are a whole bunch of questions that need answers but the […]

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