The 5 Avoidable Pitfalls that Trigger Financial Disaster

Disturbing trends in the Canadian personal finance picture and smart strategies to tackle these issues. Call us at 514-866-3221 for more information!

How Much Does Your Debt Really Cost You?

Les Machan Sr. can help analyze your finances to discover the real cost of paying off your debts. You may be paying more than you think! Discover the secrets and start saving your money today. Call us at 514-866-3221 for more information!

Four Deadly Mistakes NOT to Make When Purchasing Term Insurance

Watch our three-part video series to learn about the four deadly mistakes NOT to make when you're purchasing term insurance. Once you're equipped with these helpful tips, call us at 514-866-3221 or get a free term insurance quote now!

No-Medical Life Insurance

Yes! No medical exams and no needles! Even if you face medical problems and have turned down before, we can provide you with solutions! Call us today at 514-866-3221 or get a free no-medical insurance quote now!

Major Challenges Faced by our Baby Boomers

Learn how to create tax free money. This video describes the major problems faced by the baby boomer and financial solutions to help. Call us today at 514-866-3221 for more information!

Canadian Term Insurance: What You Need to Know

Choosing the right term insurance is critical to your life and the life of your family. Choosing solely based on price can be a big mistake. Call us today at 514-866-3221 or get a free term life insurance quote now!

Disturbing Economic Trends in Canada

This video covers the economic pitfalls and the potential economic disaster facing Canadians. Call us today at 514-866-3221 to learn more!

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